How do you tap into the knowledge of a room of 50 people? Rapid Requirements Gathering (RRG) is one answer to that question.

A Rapid Requirements Gathering meeting is a massively parallel, collaborative, noisy, chaotic exercise to quickly elicit requirements from a diverse group of people with little to no preparation by anyone participating.

The meeting has a well defined, published, and rigid high level structure. This structure takes the form of a set of nine sequenced, time-boxed activities. Within each activity, interaction is ordered chaos. Ironically, and to the benefit of all, high level structure is often violated within the sequenced activities.

RRG meetings are FUN! If you don’t laugh, throw things, be sarcastic, play, or otherwise enjoy yourself, something is wrong. As you leave, the room should look like a tornado blew through it. But in spite of (or because of) the fun and chaos, RRG meetings quickly pull a categorized, prioritized, and actionable list of requirements from a diverse group of stakeholders.

This workshop consists of a brief presentation explaining the format of an RRG meeting. Then you participate in an RRG meeting that elicits requirements for a new system to replace one that regularly frustrates you.

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