User Stories are a fantastic agile tool, but they are not the only way for the product owner and team to reach a mutual understanding of what needs to be delivered.

This workshop explores the use of hypotheses and experiments from the Lean Startup community as an alternative to user stories.

We examine ways for agile teams to reframe stories *(e.g. As a traveller I want to know the weather so that I can plan my journey)* as a series of hypothesis
*(e.g. Supplying weather information will increase ticket sales)* that are validated by experiments *(e.g. Does supplying hard-coded weather data for our two most popular routes increase ticket sales?)*.

Having the whole team involved in discovering business value ensures alignment across the organisation. You will see how using hypotheses and experiments brings advantages to the development team, the customer, and the user – ensuring we only build valuable features.

Stop telling stories about your product – start asking questions.

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