From production to productivity to purpose, how is this new era of operational excellence going to drive change? The implementation of lean and agile strategies has brought big improvements in performance, yet star performers are still looking for something more meaningful.

Just as mass production, factories, schools and trains tore apart the very DNA of our societies across the globe in the late 60s – we are entering a new era of 24×7 connectivity that is redefining the overall family, social, professional and global norm.

By addressing the true root cause of intrinsic motivation, he managed to transform such an organization to a forecasted profit of 25% in less than a year.
In this session, he will show you why you should give your teams a purpose, in pursuit of further innovation & excellence.

I will help you see how the future high performing business is powered by purpose. Better – for people, communities, society the natural world, and future generations – is better for boardroom and shareholders.

My extensive and innovative research, experience and expertise in business transformation points me to the conclusion that productivity is a bi-product of motivation that is creatively driven by a bigger purpose. I will share the power of purpose orientation that we have cascaded from vision to mission to strategy to execution at multiple levels within various departments.

There is are three short, yet powerful interactive components of the session to enable the participants in grasping the ideas and taking practical tips to implement in their teams.

Let me take you on a roller-coaster journey of enabling excellence in the post-industrial digital age.

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