Businesses want to understand what features and deliverables to expect from upcoming software releases. A traditional program management office works to satisfy this desire with project management measurement and control that pushes results through adherence to the plan. Agile and lean can provide an alternative PMO approach using empirical evidence to pull more reliable information with much less wasted overhead. This session will share a proven approach from an agile PMO covering over 20 products with almost 400 product development people. It will explain how to leverage Scrum’s empirical approach for visibility, inspection, and adaptation to satisfy business concerns by pulling information from the inherent feedback loops.

This session will show proven techniques and charts for reliably forecasting feature releases throughout a major release cycle. Then, it will cover how to pull together the big picture for coordinating dependencies across product lines and identifying impacts on operations outside development. We will cover using development allocation charts to understand where the money really goes. Finally we will address overcoming challenges for organizational change to more fully engage the business.

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