Are you a Product Owner that would like to become more value-driven? Are you struggling with helping Product Owners to become more value-driven? Are you looking for tools that can help the Product Owner be the best they can be?

Come play the Product Owner game with us, and experience what value-driven backlog refinement means.

We are out on a journey, mission if you will, to provide Product Owners with resources that enable them to be the best they can be. We feel it's the next frontier, and we feel that the next decade in agile will be about what it means to be value-driven.

This journey has taken us places, from the Agile Holland meetups, to Scrum Day Europe, to XP Days, to interesting clients. We received inputs from the agile community, and had fun playing and designing games that aid in the mission.

We will share this journey with you, and play the latest and greatest incarnation of the Product Owner Game with you.

The game is a turn-based card game, with the objective of delivering as much value as possible. Scarcity and chance play an interesting role.

The team that delivers most value wins the grand prize!!!

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