No matter how Agile your development teams are, it doesn’t matter unless you’re building the right things in the right order. And the bigger the initiative, the more critical this is. Indeed, a reliable and logical approach to ‘prioritizing portfolio investments’ is THE fundamental economic driver for a digital enterprise.

In this interactive workshop, Dean Leffingwell will lead attendees through a lean portfolio prioritization process. Topics include: insight and thinking tools for strategy formulation; synthesizing strategy into portfolio strategic themes; creating the portfolio vision; identifying, defining and prioritizing portfolio initiatives; establishing Lean budgets, defining MVPs; bringing visibility to work and matching demand to capacity with a portfolio Kanban system; and finally, sequencing approved work for maximum benefit by applying the lean mechanism of weighted-shortest-job-first (WSJF). The central interactive activity of the workshop will be to initiate development of an attendees ‘portfolio vision’. This will be done using a variant of Osterwalder’s business model canvas.

Attending this workshop will give you the experience of going through the lean portfolio prioritization process, starting the development of your own portfolio vision. You will leave the workshop with some work in process, along with guidance as to how to continue this work outside of the workshop setting.”

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