Chances are your company will not make real money in 2017 on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning. However, come 2020 your software development process is unlikely to be of much value to the business unless you develop deep expertise in these two areas, both personally and institutionally. Nascent that these two areas are, the time to start investing in them is now.

This presentation will explore the what’s, why’s and how’s of the forthcoming transformation. It will show how the Internet of Things, with more than 20B devices connected to it, will obsolete the way business insights, models and paradigm are derived nowadays. Instead of human brainpower amplified by the wisdom of crowds, machine learning will become the primary way to discover hidden patterns, and, up to a point, to devise and implement strategies to exploit them.

Whether you are a stakeholder, program manager, architect, product owner, business analyst, designer, developer or tester, you will need to significantly amplify your skills in order to engage and generate value in this kind of Zettabyte-scale environment. The evolving blueprint for so doing, including illustrations from various pioneers that are starting to move ahead along these lines, will be presented with special emphasis on how automated insight generation begets innovation.

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