Can we all agree that we make better products when we understand who we are creating them for? Making quality personas is an important step for positive outcomes, but sometimes you need to be speedy. If you work at a startup, are often rushed by stakeholders, or are just seeking an efficient way to develop personas, this practical session is for you!

In this workshop we will learn a clear process to create validated personas to align stakeholders and coworkers. You want personas to help make informed team decisions. You’ll gain an understanding of the full persona-making method. We’ll also go through the proto-persona iteration together in the workshop and learn by doing it ourselves. (If you don’t know what a proto-persona is, then definitely join us)! We’ll then discuss research methods to flesh out personas quickly. We’ll also share important tips to avoid common pitfalls and problems when persona-making. Let’s get clear on what NOT to do and when personas are the appropriate tool for your project.

You’ll walk out of the workshop with a realistic and effective persona process that has been developed through working with all kinds of time-pressured organizations!

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