You know how you determine the "bigness" of your work and establishing commitments, but how do your customers ensure you're committing to the right thing?

Come experience relative estimation to determine value. We'll use David Hussman's "Dude's Law" (Value = Why? / How?) to prioritize the work.

We will share techniques for determining the "Why?" so that you can generate a Value Index. What many people will be surprised to learn is that they already have tools for sizing that can be used for determining value and prioritization.

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Todd Kromann has been leading Agile change since 2000. helped introduce and lead Agile change in Walmart, IBM, Accenture, Toyota, Honda, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, SaveMart, PG&E, ADP, Sony, SAIC, and Nationwide Insurance. —Masters in Software Engineering —Active contributor to the global Agile community —Works as an Agile coach for Walmart Application Development