You have been tapped for an exciting new project. A member of the executive team recognizes that the company needs to transform to meet the evolving needs of your dynamic marketplace. They know that Agile will be part of that transformation, they tap you to lead the effort, and now they think their work is done . While that is exciting and an honor for you, you still need the active engagement of the senior leadership team to create a culture where Agile practices can flourish. The support from the top is critical to drive the type of innovation and flexibility that will be required to successfully implement any new idea – but especially one as (positively) disruptive as Agile.

In this interactive session, Heather and Kent describe how senior leaders need to act differently in an enterprise transitioning to agile, and some helpful patterns individual contributors can use to leverage politics in a positive manner to lead up through influence and help senior leaders make the transition. These patterns are based on Heather and Kent’s experiences at a variety of organizations driving or helping to drive changes including, but not limited to adopting agile approaches. Along the way, we’ll give you a chance to share your thoughts and experiences using politics in a positive (or perhaps not so positive) way to help an enterprise transition to agile.

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