While Personas have become an accepted part of the user-centric development practices, all too frequently Personas are simply printed on posters, taped to the walls, and easily ignore in the day-to-day and Sprint-to-Sprint development processes that characterize Agile development. That’s a shame, because Personas can breathe life into impersonal market segments and help all members of the organization make decisions aligned around a common purpose.

This presentation introduces Role-Playing with Personas as a technique that Agile teams can use to build the empathy and insight needed to build the products and services meet customer needs. We’ll start by having teams quickly build Personas for a simple case case study. Next, we’ll play a variety of Discovery, Planning and Prioritization games using these Personas to illustrate how Role-Playing with Personas can create empathy and insight. We’ll conclude with a discussion of how Personas can improve many Agile artifacts, including Persona Stories and Persona Done!

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