Did you know that your are a trail blazer simply by attending this topic? There is tremendous buzz around the term Business Agility, yet only 12% of companies are on the path to achieving it. We define business agility as synonymous with enterprise agility: a company’s way to sense and respond to change proactively and with confidence to deliver business value, as a matter of everyday business. Your whole enterprise would be on the same heartbeat, integrating business functions with software Product organizations in a way that allows the company to pivot on a dime. Scaling it in large enterprises and in traditional industries like Insurance…is a whole other ball game. This session aims to equip leaders and change agents for the effective executive conversations about business agility.

In this interactive session, we will explore three key topics to inspire you to start with your large enterprise:
1) The state of Business Agility today
2) Common misconceptions and challenges to overcome
3) Successful experiments towards better Business Agility – in Business Operations or run the business, customer experience functions, business crisis management, and integrated across the enterprise with software product organizations.

So, now what? Take a deep breath, recognize that you are an early adopter that can help shape this space, think big, and come to this session ready to learn and share.

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