Metrics don’t have to be a necessary evil. If done right, metrics can help guide us to make better forward-looking decisions, as opposed to being used for simply managing or monitoring. They can help us identify trade-offs between options for what to do next versus be used as punitive, or worse, as managerial measures.

In this interactive session, we’ll take a different approach to metrics. I won’t be giving the top 10 list of field-tested metrics you should use. Instead, we’ll be workshopping through the critical thinking necessary for you to determine what is right for your organization and teams.

First, we’ll explore why you want to measure something in the first place, whether it’s for a team, a portfolio, or even an Agile transformation. We’ll next run through an exercise to help drive home concepts behind characteristics of “good” and “bad” metrics, so you can know what to look for. Lastly, we’ll pull together this information in an interactive Agile game called Pin the Tail on the Metric to help you guide your conversations back at your organizations.

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