Agile work processes often depend on extreme physical co-location – side by side, just-in-time collaboration, shared visual access to information. But tight team co-location presents some significant and sometimes paradoxical challenges: how does one account for people’s need for deep concentration while also supporting high-bandwidth (out loud) communication? How can you create powerful team identity while preserving individuals’ sense of their own space? How to integrate off-site team members in a physical workspace? How to balance real-estate cost-savings with the need for advanced tools and team support? How to engage tool-building team members in the design of a space that is a tool for their work? Jorgen Hesselberg, Senior Manager for Agile Enterprise Adoption at Nokia and Tom Mulhern, Principal at the international architectural firm Gensler, discuss how Nokia successfully transformed from a traditional cube-land to a more tailored co-located setting. Heavy on visual illustrations, concrete examples and meaningful lessons learned, this talk is relevant for any organization considering a move to a high-performing, collaborative workspace

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