Performance appraisals are one of the most frequently criticized talent management practices in agile organizations. The criticisms range from their conflict with the agile values to their having a destructive impact on the relationship between managers and their subordinates. Let’s talk about how we can transform this huge “individual” process in a “ecosystem” process that respects the agile values, gets people happy & engaged, and last, but not less important, allows to improve the organization ecosystem.
I will share my experience and observations from the latest 4 years working on this matter, what went well and how I solved the major hurdles along the way.
By attending this session you will learn major resistance point in HHRR department (and why), how evaluate your ecosystem in an efficient way, how to break the “status-quo” in your organization and allow your people ecosystem improve, how to help HHRR department in this journey, how management level could help HHRR department, games dynamics to get teams involved and engaged, and avoid a boring process.

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