Wait! Stop! Don’t hire that highly talented person with the great resume, numerous certifications and years of valuable experience! Believe it or not, that person could undermine your cultural agility.

One of the biggest mistakes companies make in trying to scale the mountain we call organizational cultural change is bringing in the wrong people to help support that change. Too often we remain stuck in old hiring practices based on keyword searches, years of experience or quantity of certificates. While valuable to know, this does not mean, though, that they will fit what you are trying to do within the organization. You may even be creating a cancerous situation that is causing leadership to question whether or not Agile methods were the right way to go at all!

Robert Woods, President and Lead Consultant at MindOverProcess, will be outlining the absolutely critical adjustments required to how we look for people, hire and why they are so impactful to the success of any cultural support. These adjustments impact areas ranging from Product Development to Change Management, Business and IT alignment, Team Building, Leadership and Facilitation on up to Executive buy-in. Learn how to watch, engage, hire and retain the people you need before its too late!

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