**Are you a safe pair of hands?** How do you know?? People need to **feel secure to explore on their own terms**, learn, make mistakes and grow, and **so do agile teams**. But when the security to learn and fail-fast vanishes, when teams fear failure and punishment, a risk-averse culture can grow — a culture that can destroy agile initiatives and kills continuous improvement behaviours.

Come and learn about the Circle of Security framework – a psychological research-based approach to creating psychological safety – and an example of its use to deal with agile team dysfunction, strengthen trust and help build a learning culture in teams. The presentation will be in a workshop format. Together we’ll work through a number of activities to help you:

* Define psychological safety and trust –- applying child psychology patterns to team dynamics.
* The cultural and personality factors that affect psychological trust — what does hierarchy and vulnerability really have to do with feeling safe?
* The relationship between safety, learning, failing and successful agile teams.
* Manage the conflict between learning culture and fear of risk risk-taking -– understanding the critical relationships between learning, failure and risk avoidance.
* Recognise false cues from team members — what learning and feedback loops look like, from the behavioural perspective of safety and fear, as Agile Retrospectives.
* Strengthen team relationships -– building empathy by understanding others history, worries, stresses, joys, and hopes.
* Understand the relationship between team effectiveness and team learning — what to do as a coach, manager or team member to build and support psychological safety
* How to be a safe pair of hands for your agile team without devolving into micromanagement or removing their need to be self-organising.

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