Test-driven development (TDD) is an essential skill for agile teams. Without it, codebases quickly lose the flexibility needed to support agile development. Software accrues technical debt and becomes difficult to change. Rather than improving the code in-place, teams advocate for expensive and risky rewrites. TDD helps avoid these problems.
But for coaches, Scrummasters, and other leaders without a programming background, how can you introduce this foundational skill? In this two-part session, veteran TDD practitioner James Shore will teach you the coaching and facilitation skills you need to help your teams get started with TDD. No programming experience is required, and you won’t be doing any programming in this session. Instead, you’ll gain the resources and knowledge needed to help your teams help themselves. You’ll learn what TDD is, how to recognize when TDD is being done well, and how to facilitate TDD learning workshops without being a TDD expert yourself.

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