Exploratory testing is one of the fastest ways to discover unknown and potentially subjective quality issues that go beyond requirements, like usability and integration issues. If you aren’t a tester or a deeply technical coach, how do you organize and run effective exploratory testing? Given any group of participants willing to perform testing, you will be able to confidently prepare, coach, and present the results of exploratory testing sessions as well as handle anything unexpected that may come up with confidence. In part one of the workshop, you will learn how to prepare, write and review charters, and some techniques for isolating and reporting issues. You will see examples of ways to present the results of the exploratory testing session, from the simplest low tech methods to a more complex visual diagramming presentation depending on what is important to convey for that project.

In part 2 of the workshop, we will use all of these techniques into practice together, performing and leading exploratory testing. Participants should bring a laptop (preferably), tablet or at a minimum a smart phone.

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