Does your team struggle with technical debt that you feel powerless to change? Messy code is organizationally complicated to fix. It requires all the developers, managers, and product owners to work together. It requires a change in habits. The new habits are not too complicated, but everyone adopting them at once is.
In this workshop you will fix the powerlessness; as soon as you get back from the conference your team can start fixing the code.
As a leader – coach, mentor, product owner, manager, or lead dev – you are good at getting people to work together towards a common goal. Yet still technical debt remains. Part of the problem is cultural; we can give some tips but that part is actually fairly easy to solve.
But a big part is that technical debt doesn’t behave like a lot of other work. Code cleanup projects or stories will not help. You need to change the moment-by-moment habits of all of your developers. Technical debt is created or repaired by choices made unconsciously every 15 seconds. We need to change those choices.
Code by Refactoring helps. It exposes and changes the coding micro-habits on your team. It is a journey. And the first step is Read by Refactoring mob sessions. We have been teaching technical people to run these sessions for years. With this workshop, for the first time, we have developed a way for anyone to run Read by Refactoring sessions – even if they are not technical. Turns out you don’t need to code yourself in order to teach your team a better way to code.
Join us and experience the Read by refactoring workshop, with all the materials and guidance you will need to take it home and facilitate your team.

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