If you are in contempt of another human being you will be operating from an I’m OK you’re not OK position. Sometimes we do this consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Sometimes we use phrases or terms without thinking and someone else points out that this term makes them feel they’re being held in contempt. What to do when internal worlds and external behaviors collide?

Anti-fragility (Taleb 2012) would hold that from the disorder of diversity we can come to positions of strength. These differences and conflicts can become the stimulus for the group to learn, strengthen and grow BUT only if we have the skills of inquiry without turning the interaction into an act of contempt itself.
We will be uncovering anti-fragile ways of inquiring into conflict that don’t in themselves promote more conflict. We will also be uncovering more fragile ways of inquiring into conflict that put someone else down and require winners and losers.
This workshop is all about creating enough space for resilient inquiry and keeping ‘What we’d like to have happen’ in mind throughout our interactions.

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