Have you heard a developer on an agile team say something like this?

“Agile has too many meetings”
“I just need to get back to my real work”
“Why should I change, the old way works fine”
“It’s not my job to test”

If you’ve heard these, your developers (and possibly their managers) have some resistance to your agile practices.

This has probably led you to ask, “Why are developers disengaged? Why don’t they support this transformation? Why won’t they help us succeed? How can I reach them?”

Combining his experience as an agile Development Manager and Coach with wisdom from the fields of psychology, communication, negotiation and behavioral economics, David will provide techniques to better understand, communicate with and engage developers.

This session is for Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Coaches or anyone who needs techniques to engage developers (or other reluctant team members) in the agile process.

Participants will come away from this session with specific, actionable techniques they can use to better engage the developers they work with.

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