Over the last 15 years Agile has moved beyond a grassroots effort to a mainstream approach taken by organizations in hopes of transforming the way they think, work and deliver solutions. Despite some success adopting specific practices like Scrum and Kanban, there aren’t many published stories of measurable and sustainable long-term success by organizations. How many companies that adopted Agile practices in the early days are still doing it today? If the lack of published Agile case studies is any indication, we haven’t had a great track record.

As coaches, we have worked with enough companies to realize that there is something missing in the way we lead and execute Agile transformations. We can’t continue to take a haphazard approach to change where we might get lucky and stumble on to something that works. It also can’t be something in which we throw a lot of change at once and expect everything to stick and be sustainable. Agile has great potential but we have only touched the surface of what it could do for organizations. We need a different way of tapping into that potential.

We are excited to introduce a new approach to organizational change. It starts with the end in mind, those outcomes that we can measure and desire for our organization. With strong alignment and a clearly defined purpose, we begin to define small incremental and controlled experiments. Through these improvements, we will develop the capabilities and behaviors needed to not only improve short-term performance but to ensure long-lasting resilience.

During the session, you will explore the details of this approach with us and learn ways to apply to your organizational change efforts. It’s time we had better stories of how companies have succeeded by executing against better outcomes, and finally reaping all of the benefits promised by Agile.

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