What brought us to Agile was a crisis. The typical story of a large project that needed a speedy recovery and would take any feasible solution into account. During a five year journey we discovered that there was much more to Agile than recovering projects, Agile provided us with a new way of thinking about how we get work done and deliver value beyond even our technology areas. We've designed stable value delivery teams, shifted the mindset to Servant Leadership, re-designed our portfolio management practices to be more Lean/Agile, applied Agile to non-technical business operations but most importantly, our executive leadership team is also experiencing a transformation and becoming a high performing team ourselves. We wanted to create a place where value is delivered predictably and people love coming to work every day.

During this session we will share with you the amazing journey we've had over the past 4 years including challenges, successes and our top lessons learned.

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