Your organization has “gone Agile.” Now what? Whether you are at the beginning or in the middle of transforming your organization, sustainability should be a top priority. You may have some teams working in an agile way, but are they contributing maximum value to the organization? Are benefits translating to an organizational level? Are those benefits sustainable?

This workshop explores the foundation that needs to be established for organizational agility to be sustained over time. You will interact in exercises as small groups discussing the information presented and their own experiences. Groups will identify team-level and organizational-level actions to address some of the complexities of achieving and sustaining organizational agility. As part of the exercises, groups will create visual displays to capture their ideas, and there will be summary report outs to the larger audience.

We will cover the following:
• What does sustainability really mean
• Why sustainable teams are the key to achieving organizational agility
• How to enable and mature teams to maximize value to the organization
• How to enable and sustain Agile culture change at the organizational level

You will walk away from this workshop with actionable ideas for enabling sustainable teams and enabling agility at an organizational level.

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