Pulling from 15 years of organizational change experience, I'll share how to change by remembering your core culture. You'll learn practical techniques on how to change by reminding people who they really are. Using lessons learned you'll learn what not to do. You'll learn how to use lean change management and open space agility to accelerate your change and ensure success. You'll learn how to everyone can be invited to change. No group needs to be forced to change. See how you can leverage multiple change techniques and get better results. Find out how to move leadership from commands to questions. Learn how you can ask "whose transformation is it?" and get the answer "My transformation.

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Todd Kromann has been leading Agile change since 2000. helped introduce and lead Agile change in Walmart, IBM, Accenture, Toyota, Honda, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, SaveMart, PG&E, ADP, Sony, SAIC, and Nationwide Insurance. —Masters in Software Engineering —Active contributor to the global Agile community —Works as an Agile coach for Walmart Application Development