> Use the Agile Fluency™ Model to chart a course for the team, create alignment with management, and secure organizational support for improvement.

Too many people have told us, “We tried Agile, and it just didn’t work.”

Let’s do better.

There is an Agile way of working which fits your organisation best—that’s “best-fit” Agile. Come explore the path Agile teams and organisations take as they tailor “best-fit” Agile. On the pathway you hunt fluency in your organisation to find Agile that returns the benefits your customers need. That’s Agile that works.

What is fluency? Fluency is flow. It’s practice mastery. It’s performing with routine, skilful ease. Whether learning to speak a language, play an instrument, or develop software in a new and better way, the pathway to fluency involves an investment in learning and deliberate practice: regularly and consistently practicing a skill with increasing levels of challenge and the goal of mastery.

This workshop will help you understand your goal of mastery, and and it will help you identify deliberate practices you can undertake—and investments to make—in order to move towards your goal. When you go home you will be better prepared to hunt fluency and tailor “best-fit” Agile within your organisation.

> We’ve observed that Agile teams develop through four distinct stages of fluency.
>— James Shore and Diana Larsen

You will explore the Agile Fluency™ Model with Diana Larsen and Steve Holyer. Diana is one of the model’s co-creators, and Steve has been collaborating on using the model in organisations since the beginning.

Agile leaders, change agents, program managers, Agile coaches, Scrum masters, team coaches—and anyone else who needs to work with best-fit Agile: find pragmatic ways to use the Agile Fluency Model within your organisation and teams.

> “As an Agile coach… Agile Fluency has been an effective tool for me to help tell the agility story to the entire organization.”
>— Brent D. Strange / Go-Daddy

This workshop is playful, interactive, and hands-on. You will do in-depth exploration together through simulations and other types of model exploration.

You will uncover ways to use the Agile Fluency Model to:

* chart a course with your teams,
* create alignment with management,
* secure organizational support for improvement,
* and take it to the next level—the right level for you.

> “I gathered a lot of new fresh ideas during this workshop … will help me energize my coaching sessions.”
>— a 2015 workshop participant

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