Since Agile 2013, the “Agileness” of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) has divided the agile community. Four years on SAFe still has its critics, however according to the 11th Version One State of Agile survey, SAFe is the most widely used of the formal agile scaling methods. So regardless of whether SAFe is Agile, it is being implemented widely, so perhaps it is time for a conversation about the practicalities of succeeding with SAFe. How does one succeed with SAFe? What are the common mistakes that can lead to train wrecks?

Em Campbell-Pretty is one of the world’s most experienced SAFe practitioners, having been applying SAFe in the field since before it was called SAFe! In this session she will share war stories and lessons learned from 6 years working with SAFe at some of Australia’s largest enterprises.

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