For most developers, the majority of their day involves interacting with code that someone else wrote. Working with legacy code is almost inevitable in today’s development landscape, yet most of us have a negative outlook on working with existing codebases. This negativity is baked into the language we use. We work on ‘legacy projects’, ‘dirt field projects’, ‘rescue projects’, ‘antiquated projects’, ‘ancient projects’, while newer projects get labeled as ‘greenfield’ and ‘blue sky’. In this talk, M. Scott Ford, Founder and Chief Code Whisperer at Corgibytes, a consultancy that specializes in working on legacy projects, shares his perspective on how you can learn to not only tolerate, but appreciate what he calls ‘software remodeling’. You’ll walk away with specific techniques for working with older codebases, a new vocabulary to describe existing projects, and a framework for determining when you should re-write versus improve your project.

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