Risks are all around us. Almost everything we do in life carries risks… And working in software there are so many different areas of risks: from business risks, to process risks, to project risks, to product risks. And each of these areas have tons of types of risks residing within them – did you know that there are over 100 different types of product risks that can potentially affect our software product?

So why is it that we tend not to focus on risks? Instead we focus on types of testing, or we focus our thinking around product areas. Or why do some (most?) People tend to focus their testing solely around checking requirements – all the stuff that we explicitly state expectations on how the software should work… Yes, there’s a risk that the requirement might not be implemented as expected, but when we write user stories or requirements or acceptance criteria, we tend not to put risks at the forefront of those artifact creation activities… And it’s impossible to think of everything up front. We need to investigate known and unknown risks.

So in this talk, I’ll share some examples of how putting risks at the front of your mind is essential. I’ll also talk about the different kinds of risks, and the different focuses of testing – with testing to uncover risks, and of testing the risks we’ve uncovered.
I’ll also discuss how this ultimately moulds our testing to be a series of continuous testing activities.
I’ll discuss the differences between test cases and test charters. And the differences between investigation and assertion. Exploration and automation. No stone will be left unturned.

Attendees will come away with a fresher insight into risks that surround them in their business, products and projects. And will have a new way of discussing risks and will have tips on how to uncover risks early to be able to negate them appropriately.

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