What do our customers really need? This question plagues every Product Owner and yet so few Product Owners feel like they are equipped to answer this question well. Asking the customer directly is one method, but all too often the customer isn’t able to express that answer in an actionable way. We spend more time trying to manage large backlogs and write stories rather than working closer to customers to discover what they really need.

The solution? Design Thinking has been an approach for many years in the design world, made popular by IDEO and taught at places like Stanford’s D School. Only recently, have some in the Agile community started to apply this process to software product discovery. Lean Startup and Customer Development techniques are teaching us to get outside the building and validate our ideas with our true customers. In this session, you’ll learn to leverage key insights from both of these to create a collaborative and experimental framework to sense, create, and respond to ever-evolving user needs.

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