Santa delivers value, faster, and better than any business in the World! He’s a jolly old sole and one hell of a marketing genius. Branding Saint Nick positioned Santa Pays It Forward (SPIF), a non-profit, to cultivate a one elf shop, into a lean non-profit workshop spanning across 8 states, providing for low income seniors.

Join me in this real life fairytale,*”Twas the night Santa Pays It Forward became an overnight non-profit success!”* Discover how the Agile Marketing Manifesto helped brand this non-profit implementing marketing values and principles to fuel creation. Santa is possibly the world’s most beloved, but to truly market a company your mind and heart have to be in it. I will share the power of conviction and its impact to marketing. Finally, I will explain how taking a unique approach to selling proposition will set a company apart from the rest.

*Now on Dasher, on Dancer, is your mindset Prancer? On Comet, On Cupid, it’s time to use Agile Marking to innovate your business.*

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