Have you ever wondered how much easier your project would go if everyone involved would sit in the same room, everyone knew at least something about everything, and there would be no walls or silos but just one big happy agile family we call the team?

While a team being cross-functional isn’t a value in itself, it has been a recommended practice for quite a while. To that effect, most teams proudly claim that they’re cross-functional – often mentioning how the developers also test and how the designer sometimes makes small changes to the code on his own. However, the odds are the most of those teams haven’t been even close to pushing the boundaries of this practice.

In this talk Lasse will share the story of a team that took the concept of a cross-functional team perhaps farther than any other team he’s met so far. You will learn how the team benefited from incorporating a broad set of responsibilities ranging from the usual technology-oriented activities such as design, code and test to not so common activities for an agile development team to take over, such as infrastructure, analytics, marketing, public relations, social media presence, and customer support.

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