“How Scrum, Lean and Holacracy are transforming Washington State Government into a high performing organization”

Corporate and governmental organizations are facing an epic challenge: How to adapt to change more rapidly and create a more attractive workplace culture.

WA Deputy CIO, Michael DeAngelo, and his team rose to this challenge in 2015 by introducing Scrum and Lean, and ultimately dissolving roles and hierarchy altogether with Holacracy in their department. A unique organizational blend was created: Holacracy, Lean and Scrum.

In 2015 en 2016, Agile outside IT consultants Joe Justice (Scrum inc./WikiSpeed), Paul Takken (Xebia/WikiSpeed) were invited by Washington State to observe and coach the Scrum teams applying Scrum, Lean, and Holacracy.

Much of what we experienced, can be interpreted to be shorter time to showing citizen facing value, increased customer involvement through citizen facing sprint reviews, and at a radical level as a radiant, passionate morale improvement focus. This was accomplished through self-organizing teams, removing bureaucracy, and organize around a strong sense of purpose so that teams could determine many of their own methods and norms, and this was enabled to a fantastically awesome degree by Holacracy. Holacracy, just like Scrum and other tools we saw them using, dissolved every barrier to radical collaboration, cross functionality, and self organization. The end? An engaged, energetic, passionate, fast moving, and responsive to change government workforce. They saw employee empowerment increase by over 30% and cycle time of decision making reduced by over 90%. Many agile methods are being experimented with and used in order to create that.

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