Coaching a data warehousing (DW)/business intelligence (BI) team in agile is very hard. Very hard, but not impossible. The cultural impedance mismatch between traditional data strategies and agile strategies is huge – most data professionals still believe in detailed up-front modeling, downplay the importance of user experience (UX), and rarely have testing skills. Data professionals often believe that data is special, that agile thinking and strategies cannot apply in their context. Nothing could be further from the truth.

To successfully coach an agile team an Agile DW coach must have a deep background in enterprise agile, in data, and in DW/BI. They must have the technical skills to perform agile database techniques – including agile data modeling, database refactoring, and automated database regression testing – and be able show how those skills are better suited than traditional strategies to address the complexities faced by data teams. A formidable challenge.

In this workshop we will explore the challenges faced when coaching agile DW/BI teams, the knowledge required to do so, and strategies for successfully engaging with such teams.

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