What does your mindfulness practice look like? Is it still a practice if you don’t meditate or do yoga?

Human development is largely driven by changes that take place in the body and the brain. As we strive to create and be a part of high performing teams, having an awareness of the physiology, neuroscience, and the power of empathy will greatly increase our probably of success. Even more powerful, is having the capability of AWARENESS of ones self and our environment. How do we foster and create an environment where you and your colleagues can experience the feeling of being understood, lead with empathy, and create generative solutions through dialogue. Mindful Leadership provides clarity and enhances the journey through the important work we are doing.
Please join me on this exploration of the the physiology of the brain, patterns of the mind, how each of our individuals stories create our perspectives, and how our current agile and coaching models incorporate aspects of mindfulness.

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