Are you struggling to build a positive agile culture and foster the agile mindset? Juggling countless tasks and multiple stakeholders’ expectations in a volatile environment with little or no time? Unsure whether the decisions you make are the best to deliver successful business outcomes?

The most effective agile leaders are those who invest in their own personal development as well as the development of those around them. Transparent, flexible, adaptive and supportive, the agile leader encourages and empowers teams to become autonomous and high performing. Core personal skills such as self-awareness, emotional self-management, and social awareness are the basis of emotional intelligence, which is a key indicator of leadership success. Mindfulness is a foundational skill that can grow and deepen emotional intelligence and successful agile leadership.

In this session, you will hear why mindfulness is the secret ingredient to develop effective agile leadership. Beyond just simple awareness, you will learn how mindfulness help leaders to show up as the very best versions of themselves. Through mindfulness, you will improve your focus, think more clearly and make better decisions that lead to more successful outcomes.

We will take you beyond individual meditation, sharing techniques to apply mindfulness in meetings, presentations and everyday activities, to build greater self-awareness in your teams, and to help you become a more inspirational agile leader.

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