Does your Scrum team start all its stories on Day 1 of the Sprint? Do stories sometimes carry over into the next Sprint? Or perhaps testing always gets crammed in on the last day of the Sprint? If any of these sound familiar, your team may benefit from improving its flow.

Flow metrics are commonly associated with Kanban, but can provide tremendous value to any team, including those using Scrum. In this interactive workshop, we’ll start by exploring the value of achieving a smooth flow of work versus simply achieving maximum utilization. Next, we’ll introduce lead time, cycle time and throughput metrics and explain how to create and interpret a cumulative flow diagram (CFD). We’ll review what each represents, discuss easy ways to collect these metrics, and show how they are similar and different from common Scrum metrics. As each metric is introduced, we will provide sample sets of metrics for you to review in small groups, practicing how to read and interpret them in order to find opportunities for team improvement. You will leave the workshop knowing how to interpret and capture all these valuable metrics, so your agile team can improve its flow!

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