The agile manifesto call for individuals, teams, and organizations to foster a culture of continuous learning; however, how do we measure learning to know if we are making progress towards this call? Join us at Agile2017, for a hands-on workshop where you will learn a series of team and cross-team collaboration activities to identify and share learning goals, and then measure progress towards learning goal attainment.

Using a series of collaborative activities, workshop participants will experience how to create a self-organized “Dojo” for learning. A “Dojo” is a Japanese concept for a designated place where people practice to improve. Traditionally, dojos focus on martial arts practice; however, within the agile community, dojos in various forms are becoming a pattern for teams to focus on learning. Within our “Dojo”, teams will use metaphor to share challenges they are encountering, then will identify what they need to learn to improve. These learning goals provide the basis for measurement of learning and will be captured via a “Dojo Dashboard”. This dashboard provides a central viewpoint of learning needs across teams. The dashboard enables team members to share what they know, and enables teams and team members to learn from each other to achieve learning goals.

In this workshop, participants will simulate the creation a “Dojo” to capture team learning needs and create a “Dojo Dashboard” to measure learning goals as they are attained. Participants will leave having experienced collaborative activities that support a pattern to measure learning at the individual, team or organization levels.

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