Learn about Scrum (usually a software development framework) being used in a Marketing department. How is it different?


As we know, Scrum is the perfect framework for IT / software development projects to learn, adapt to change and deliver great software of value, faster.
But is Scrum also usable outside of software development? Can we apply similar or maybe even the same principals in other departments in the enterprise?
Yes, we can! And yes there are differences but there are also a lot of similarities.
We successfully implemented Scrum in the marketing departments of two large companies: The Dutch AAA and ING Bank. Both companies are now using Scrum for the development of new campaigns, their full commercial expressions and even at the product development level. They wanted a faster time to market, more ownership, and greater innovation. How did we approach and realized a transition with those goals in the marketing environment? And what are the results?
So when we are not delivering software but other things, how does Scrum change? Well, a great deal actually. The people working in these other departments are, in general, quite different to those in Software Development (and yes more than you would expect). This means coaches or change agents need to take another approach.
Since the people are different, it is possible to go faster or ‘deeper’ in certain areas. Entrepreneurial skills or ambitions are more present in marketing. This gives a sense of ‘act first apologize later’, taking ownership, a higher drive to succeed, and upfront and willing behavior. Scrumming here means thinking more about business goals and KPIs (how to go from department to scrumteam goals for example). After that the fun begins…

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I am an eager and result driven Agile coach / Change agent with a background in webdevelopment and architecture. I build an extensive knowledge and experience in the Scrum framework and Agile mindset and am a pragmatic, hands-on, yet a creative solution solver. In the agile coaching role I try to motivate the organization (management as well as teams), enabling everyone to excel in their own specific discipline. Besides that I love to get the organization in a vibe where we can create small agile speedboats from the big oil-tanker boats; get the entrepreneurial skills and behavior back to the enterprise. Create and measure proper value, create a learning/improving/innovating organization. I build a broad experience as a Scrum Master / Agile coach and have experienced the ups and downs every project faces in management as well as hands-on roles. This enables me to quickly determine, select, solve and master issues on new projects. I am a very pragmatic focused Agile (management) coach, achieving results in accordance with your needs. The building up a broad experience in the technical environments and a considerable amount of mobile and marketing experience and knowledge, shows my eagerness to keep up with the latest trends. Presented at: Scrum gathering 2012 - Atlanta Agile 2014 - Orlando