There’s quite a bit of guidance and literature for Teams to know what to do in order to adopt and execute Agile practices and principles. Nowadays, it’s even more commonplace for Executives to be offered similar workshops, so they have an idea how to support the Teams. But what about the Managers?
From experiences in the field, Managers are often forgotten, or just lumped in with the teams. With confusing phrases such as self-organization and Servant Leadership bumping up against traditional management beliefs and demands from non-trained Executives in Scrum, it’s no wonder Managers can feel a bit like they’ve entered into the Land of the Lost.

In this interactive session, come learn an exercise you can perform back at your organization to help clarify roles and responsibilities of the management layer. Your managers will gain clarity on what they should be doing and what they should be passing on to help not only their teams perform better, but the organization as well. Equip your managers with the knowledge to help them no longer be lost.

As a bonus, the great thing about this Roles exercise, is that it can be used beyond the Managers. It’s been applied at both the Team and Executive layers as well.

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