The words ‘management’ and ‘manager’ conjure up distaste for many. We hear everything from “managers are evil” to “managers are not needed in agile.” Everyone has a “bad manager story” that they like to rant about. But what is behind these rants? Amazing managers are out there. Why don’t we hear about them as often? Are those the managers who are “leaders”? If there are differences, what are they?

Teams and organizations need people to help them improve and grow, but they need the right kind of help. Most organizations have people who are managers who wake up in the morning and are not intent on ruining anyone’s day. What is limiting people from being great managers or being managers who are leaders? Everyone wants high-performance teams on paper, so where is the disconnect?

In this interactive session, we will start by unraveling confusing terms (manager, leader, self-organizing, self-managing) and then explore the causes behind this problematic distraction of leader vs. manager. Based on this foundation, we will identify what we need to change to support managers in their journey to improve. Please join me to have some fun AND dig into a challenging topic!

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