You think you have your transformation figured out, but then you have a re-organization or a new vendor introduced. Or, in your efforts to address one issue, you create unintended consequences that become the next hurdle. The only way to find your way out of the transformation maze is to understand your complex ecosystem and plan for change.

The combination of culture, stakeholders, and policy are too complex to be addressed by stringing together a few agile practices. Stepping back and viewing all aspects of your agile eco-system will help you adopt a holistic approach to the journey. Let’s uncover the unspoken assumptions and bring them to the light.

In this workshop, we will explore how leveraging both the Integral Agile Model and SAFe can lead to executing successful transformation strategies. Together, Kerri Sutey and Claire Atwell have over 20 years of experience and learnings delivering in agile environments in a wide variety of organizations. Join us as we discuss how to pair the Integral Agile Model with Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) to create a holistic view of your entire eco-system of leaders, vendors, compliance needs, and policy. We will also explore how to bring organizational goals to life by creating a priorities-based roadmap. If you’re feeling lost in transformation, this workshop is for you!

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