There once was a myth that a Project Manager could plan many quarters in advance, and then the team could execute to those plans. That approached failed, and a new myth arose, for those using agile, that a team could spend a single day, after each release, to plan the next release. After all, the Product Owner is continually grooming the backlog and all they need to know from the team is the size of stories, so they can then prioritize.

Great release plans, just like great code-bases, and products, are created by the continual effort of many over a long period of time, with continual readjustments. In this session, we will look at real world strategies for working across roles to look ahead and actively recalibrate our release plans based on the input of many.

We will review approaches for high speed estimating, creating long term release plans at quarterly sessions, and then adjusting those plans via continual, short, re-planning sessions, where a holistic view is used to commit to the upcoming release and plan beyond the current release period.

Compared to traditional agile approaches we will have a much longer time horizon in our plan, created in a more collaborative fashion. Compared to traditional project planning, our plans will be continually informed by what we have learned.

The session will have a hands-on workshop, so come with pen and paper, and be prepared to work.

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