Have you ever experienced a life event that forced you to change how you interact with the world?
People come in all shapes, colors, sizes, with cognitive and physical abilities that vary and we thoughtlessly employ technology that’s often not accessible to us or other users at large. 

The many different ways we engage with technology made me reconsider the means to create digital experiences and my responsibility as a content creator. Building cool experiences with the only goal of winning awards suddenly seemed too shallow. It wasn’t until I started working with accessibility years ago that I perceived it’s not difficult or expensive to foster inclusion in my projects. It is heartwarming to witness the impact of accessible work on people with diverse abilities, who can now interact more meaningfully with my work.
My goal is to provide you and your team a few realistic, tangible tools to help you build your digital experiences accessible to people with diverse abilities, increasing your brand’s outreach, usability, and social impact. 

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