We begin with a story – a story about a legendary monster (15,000+ line class) I recently engaged in mortal combat. No spoilers. It wasn’t pretty, but here I stand to tell the tale, at the ready to enter the fray once again.

Throughout our campaign we’ll take a few side quests and journeys into the three realms of technical debt:

* The alignments – OR – what mindsets help when battling demonic code versus forming a party?
* The armory – OR – what weapons are available to you? When do you brandish them?
* The lore and landscape – OR – Where did these damned dragons come from in the first place?

This talk employs a nerdy, fantastical, and fun system metaphor to help us escape the confines of the dominant mental model for legacy code: technical debt. All tools and tactics presented are based on experience, not fantasy. While there will be images of Cthulhu, Chromatic Dragons, and Vampyres, attendees should expect code examples, hands-on exercises, technical deep dives and practical lessons learned.

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