Moving from command-and-control to one where the team takes ownership and self-organizes is hard.

Really Really Hard.

In this workshop we’ll start by discussing the dramatic difference between command and control and self-organization, and what makes the change so hard. We’ll quickly move from theory to specific techniques to kick-start self-organization and team problem-solving. As a group we’ll learn affinity mapping by doing it — organizing small teams around thematic problems at work. Once we have the teams in place we’ll use lean coffee to brainstorm solutions.

After lean coffee we’ll have a closing discussion to talk about the hard stuff — how to introduce these ideas back in the workplace and overcome resistance. If the interests and the ideas spill beyond the time permitted in the session, we’ll extend the session using the conferences own “open jam” format, a self-organizing meeting technique.

Bring your issues and ideas from work and hold onto your hat, because this is going to be quite a ride.

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