What’s the secret to successful hostage negotiations? Create safety. Talk less. Smile. What else? And can the same rules apply to eliciting requirements? What about gathering feedback? How about dealing with conflict on your team?

Too often, product owners spend more time telling their stakeholders what they know instead of hearing what they don’t. Team members tackle touchy topics without really listening to each other. Talking less is not enough. We can’t just be quiet and hope folks fill the silence.

In _Never Split the Difference_, Chris Voss shares insights gleaned from a career as the FBI’s leading international hostage negotiator. His counterintuitive strategies offer guidance for any of us who want to hear from and understand the people around us better.

Join this interactive session to learn how to use mirrors, labels, and calibrated questions in meetings and group discussions. Discover some of your own anti-patterns, like talking too fast or saying, “I understand.” Whether you are conducting a customer interview or navigating a team retrospective, you’ll be able to practice the principles you learn on a daily basis.

Knowing that we often gain new perspectives by looking in unlikely places, come to this session to learn simple strategies to get to know what the people around you are _really_ thinking.

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