Have you ever noticed how almost every speaker at every agile conference references a ton of books? Did you ever wonder if they even read those books? And if so, how did they remember what they read? And did they take action based on what they read?

What about the last book you read? What experiments did you run whilst reading the book or after finishing it? Or can you not remember the last time you read a non-fiction book?
We all know that trust, safety, flow and product orientation are keys to success with agile teams. We are all striving for high performing teams that deliver great products. Sometimes all the blogs, books and LinkedIn posts are just too much to consume. So how can we bring these ideas into our real world?

Here’s your opportunity to see how we go about learning from books. We will share examples of books we’ve digested and experiments we have run with real teams to see them thrive. This is the insiders’ guide to making a real difference with what you learnt from all the books you said you read.

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