Have you ever been faced with an ‘extreme’ challenge that you needed to resolve very quickly – but didn’t have a clue how to solve it? Imagine developing the ability to learn real time from these kinds of challenges as they emerge. Developing this rare capability is at the heart of sustainable transformation. Conventional wisdom tells us that we need to develop an exhaustive set of training materials and workshops to develop the myriad skills to successfully lead large scale transformations. Advances in neuroscience, however, are telling us that what matters most is rapid recall – and that requires an agile mindset as well as anchoring and layering action learning to coherently change our behavior and build habits over time. This is best achieved through weaving learning and breakthrough insights into our daily workflows. This interactive workshop will provide some surprising insights from the latest breakthroughs in how we learn, and provide some practical takeaways on how to self assess on the differentiating skills we need to focus on and how to create an action based personal development plan to get started on our personal path to learning agility. This workshop is targeted to learners at all levels as well as coaches, and learning professionals associated with any organization preparing for, or in the process of, an enterprise-wide agile transformation or interested in gaining a competitive advantage in todays volatile business environment.

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